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Chris Tonkinson

tech {enthusiast, practitioner, leader, podcaster, mentor, entrepreneur}


Refactored Podcast

I co-host Refactored, a casual, ongoing conversation between two technology leaders trying to suck a little less every day.

Career Schema Project

I founded the Career Schema Project with the mission of developing open standards and technology to reduce the hassle of online jobseeking.

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  • Refactored

    About six months ago I began co-hosting a podcast called Refactored…

  • Introducing the Career Schema Project

    It’s 2021, and finding a job is still a royal pain. What should you put in your résumé? How should you structure it? And for goodness’ sake, WHAT is the point of…

  • Making Work From Home Work For You

    In 2006 I began working remotely (part time). In 2013 when I started my first small business, I decided to make the transition to full time work from home. Over the last 14 years, I’ve learned a thing or two…

  • Do we really want to hire Unicorns?

    I saw an email come through the PSL mailing list this morning with the following title…

  • An Open Letter To Comcast

    Foreword: On the morning of Monday, September 28th, I noticed that my Skype connection was hanging intermittently. When GoToMeeting exhibited…

  • iPhone 6: Another Supply Chain Leak

    Search Amazon for “iPhone 6 case” and you’ll see a few different vendors with images of the new 4.7" device Apple will…