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Refactored Podcast

I co-host Refactored, a casual, ongoing conversation between two technology leaders trying to suck a little less every day.

Career Schema Project

I founded the Career Schema Project with the mission of developing open standards and technology to reduce the hassle of online jobseeking.

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About six months ago I began co-hosting a podcast called Refactored.


I have mathematically proven (post forthcoming) that there are approximately, exactly, sixty eight haskillion technology podcasts in the world, with seventeen new ones debuting every thirty seconds. A subset of those I subscribe to. A subset of those (in no order) is:

There are also no shortage of podcasts about business, leadership, human imperfection, and related sundry. An even smaller undordered subset-of-a-subset:

We (that’s me and my co-host Frank Koehl) didn’t want to do tech news; it’s done and then some. We didn’t want to talk nonstop business development or sales or people management or professional journey; there’s plenty of that.

In fact, we didn’t want to talk about anything specifically. What we realized, is that as we kept getting into conversations with each other and thinking after the fact, “good gosh we should have recorded that - I know it could have helped X person” or “man, I bet people would really find that discussion interesting” that there was some lost opportunity. Now, it so happens that both myself and Frank lead teams of developers from nine to five, so a lot of our conversation revolves around either technology or management or both.

So Refactored was born - an ongoing casual conversation about the intersection of technology and leadership by two guys in the midst of it every day. I bring my patented brand of cranky optimism to the show, and Frank brings his unique energetic snark. Sometimes it’s strategic. Sometimes it’s tactical. But we never take ourselves too seriously… and we take each other even less seriously.