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Refactored Podcast

I co-host Refactored, a casual, ongoing conversation between two technology leaders trying to suck a little less every day.

Career Schema Project

I founded the Career Schema Project with the mission of developing open standards and technology to reduce the hassle of online jobseeking.

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  • The Bureau of Silence

    Bruce Schneier explains the cost/benefits of the FBI throwing in the towel in the Apple case. Per his reputation for thoughtful analysis, this is well worth reading. At one point Schneier repeats what the industry has been crying for weeks…

  • FreeNAS-Generated Certificates: Buyer Beware

    I recently upgraded my FreeNAS from 9.3-STABLE to 9.10-STABLE. The process is easy — you simply adjust the update train, Check Now, and then Apply Pending Updates. This will require…

  • Rust, Part 1: Welcome to the 21st Century

    Rust, from Mozilla Research, has shipped a 1.0 beta. To celebrate this great milestone — the advent of modern, civilized society…

  • Hackers Get Mini-Tanks In Your House

    The new Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum. The new robo-vacuum by Dyson looks like a…