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Vertical Cursor Rulers for Atom

When Github announced the Atom text editor in early 2014, I investigated, but only briefly.

Atom logo

Most notably at the time, the early builds were OS X only, and I use Arch Linux on my primary workstation. Performance was abysmal. Features were laughably limited. Atom was just an initial beta, and it sure felt like one. But it had massive potential, and even I as a curmudgeon (my native tongue is C) saw the beauty in the Ouroboros.


A year later, Atom is mature enough to be my daily driver, and I’m all in, having replaced Sublime Text 3 which still in beta itself but another fantastic editor. Now my attention has shifted to those few last missing creature comforts. The chrome spinners I’ve come to rely upon.

One of my all-time favorite Sublime packages — not just for the feature itself, but also the simplicity in design — is CursorRuler by Ron Martinez. With no analog in the Atom ecosystem, I was moved to produce a clone, which I call Rulerz.

The width of the vertical ruler is adjustable, by default uses the @text-color-subtle of your environment, and I hope someone else finds it as useful as I do. Thanks, Ron.

Rulerz is MIT licensed and hosted on Github, which is where you should send bugs, thanks, and hatemail.