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I am a Christian, husband, father, entrepreneur, kid-at-heart, and incurable tinkerer living in Pennsylvania. I enjoy gardening, cooking, woodworking, hacking/making, and fixing things which aren't broken.

By day I'm a technology leader and practitioner with a broad background in cross-functional and interdisciplinary teams across the healthcare, environmental, non-profit, and advertising industries. I'm passionate about security, obsessed with automation, and oddly infatuated with process improvement. I'm also a recovering software developer, and it has been 0 days since my last code.

You can reach me directly at, and my GPG key fingerprint is 9120 D63D BB2E 8370 7023 C002 7145 1F95 18B3 E7A2. I also have a few accounts scattered about the web which get varied amounts of attention: LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Mastodon, GitLab, Twitter, and GitHub.

Disclaimer: Obvious as it may seem to those outside the legal profession, any views expressed on my own personal website(s) or through any third party services are strictly my own, and reflect neither opinions nor policies of my employer(s), partner(s), and/or affiliate(s).

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Associate Director, Software Engineering @ Gorman Health Group

I am the Associate Director of Software Engineering at Washington, D.C.-based Gorman Health Group, the top consulting and software solutions firm in the Medicare, Medicaid Managed Care, and Health Insurance Exchange space.

I am responsible for hiring, direction, policy and procedure development, quality controls, and security audits. I design and maintain the engineering teams' tooling and infrastructure, including those around projcet planning, change management, automated testing, and our continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines. I am also still involved in direct software development on a few products (both internal and client-facing).

CTO @ CultureSpots

I serve as Chief Technology Officer for CultureSpots, a hosted mobile audio tour platform and production services company for museums, galleries, and cultural/heritage sites. CultureSpots makes it a snap to create, brand, deploy, and maintain friendly and professional mobile audio tours at a fraction of the cost of conventional solutions.

Having initially built the CultureSpots technology platform through an engagement with Forge Software, I am intimiately familiar with the business, technology, and customer needs of CultureSpots; it's an understatement that I'm excited to partner with founder and CEO Cliff Stevens to continue growing the business.

Independent Consultant @ Tonkinson Solutions, LLC

I am an independent consultant who works with both individuals and organizations (of all sizes) to achieve technology goals at budget and on time. I have extensive experience in the review, consultation, design, development, implementation, testing, deployment, operations, and support of custom Internet, information, and technology systems. I specialize in the business-goals-driven design and development of custom B2B and B2C web software solutions.

I have experience with myriad programming languagages and development frameworks across all modern operating systems. I have deployed code in local, hybrid, and cloud based environments. My thorough understanding of the underlying technology of the Internet allows me to advise my clients on a range of decisions from early product design to late-stage performance enhancements, while my business experience provides insight on the intersection of technology and finance, law, marketing, and operations.

Previous Roles:

Giving credit where it's due

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Sir Isaac Newton

This site is built atop a veritable mountain of free and/or libre open source software (as is almost everything else I create).

Markdown content is compiled into HTML by Jekyll. Standard Markdown is supplemented with GFM via redcarpet and source code is Solarized with pygments thanks to @nicolashery. Clean and crisp icons are provided by ionicons.

The site is friendly and responsive thanks to Bootstrap and custom source is written in Haml, Stylus, and Coffeescript because I love the brevity. Stylesheets (based on the Slate theme) and scripts are compressed with the YUI Compressor and the Closure Compiler, respectively, and that workflow is managed by the Jekyll Assets gem, based on the Sprockets library. HTML is compressed with a clever layout by @penibelst, and the final output is tested with html-proofer.

Git, Bundler, rake, rsync, and ssh are employed for management and automation with strong cryptography provided by OpenSSL and GnuPG while the repository is hosted on an instance of GitLab. Editing happens in Atom. The site is tested primarily using Firefox Developer Edition, and all of that happens on and through a variety of GNU/Linux and FreeBSD systems managed by Salt. Duplicity grants peace of mind with respect to disaster recovery.