I am a Christian, husband, father, entrepreneur, kid-at-heart, and incurable tinkerer living in Pennsylvania. I enjoy silence, hand tool woodworking, single malt scotch, and fixing things which aren’t broken.

I’m a technology {enthusiast, practitioner, leader, mentor, podcaster, pontificator} with a broad background in cross-functional and interdisciplinary teams across the healthcare, environmental, non-profit, and advertising industries. I’m passionate about hiring, team culture, and growth, and I have a soft spot for process improvement, automation, and security.

You can reach me directly at, and my GPG key fingerprint is 9120 D63D BB2E 8370 7023 C002 7145 1F95 18B3 E7A2. I also have a few accounts scattered about the web which get varied amounts of attention: LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Mastodon, GitLab, Twitter, and GitHub.

disclaimer: Obvious as it may seem to those outside the legal profession, any views expressed on my own personal website(s) or through any third party services are strictly my own, and reflect neither opinions nor policies of my employer(s), partner(s), and/or affiliate(s).


Direct link to my current resume (pdf warning)

Sr. Director of Engineering @ Convey Health Solutions

I am Sr. Director of Engineering for Ft. Lauderdale-based Convey Health Solutions, a leading and specialized healthcare technology and services company providing clients with healthcare-specific, compliant member support and operations support solutions.

I oversee the people, processes, and products for our SaaS technology in the coporate compliance, broker management, and member reconciliation business areas. I am also responsible for leading the Software Operations, Security, and Architecture (“SOSA”) team — a group of enterprise architects, devops, and site reliability engineers. Taken together, my teams represent the tip of the spear for new technology adoption and innovation within Convey, serving as leaders-by-example, mentors, evangelists, intrapreneurs, Tier 3 Support, and internal consultants.

Previous Roles:

  • Director of Software Engineering @ Gorman Health Group
  • Chief Technology Officer @ CultureSpots
  • Principal @ Forge Software (defunct)
  • Independent Consultant
  • Senior Full-Stack Engineer @ Sensaphone
  • Full-Stack Web Developer @ Sposto Interactive
  • Lead Systems Programmer @ (defunct)

Career Schema Project

I founded the CSP in 2021 after years of frustration at the state of job sites and applicant tracking systems, and motivated by seeing too many people online complain about “uploading my résumé, then having to enter all the same information over again manually.” I realized that a simple concept — a well-defined schema for résumé/CV data — could have profound downstream consequences for both job seekers and hiring managers alike.

The mission of the Career Schema Project is to develop open standards and technology to reduce the time, cost, and stress of interacting in the job market. That means better access and equity for jobseekers. It means lower costs for business. It means a coming wave of data systems that unlock new possibilities for creating, sharing, and otherwise managing career data.


I co-host the Refactored podcast along with Frank Koehl. Refactored is a casual, ongoing conversation between two technology leaders trying to suck a little less every day. I bring my patented brand of cranky optimism to the weekly discussion about technology, leadership, and the underserved middle ground between the two. We stay pragmatic while spanning the strategic and tacital, but we never take ourselves too seriously.